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“Hard Stop Reflect [Universal Mechanic]” by @yohosiefgc

Whiffing jL from jL will hard stop reflect momentum. This is huge #dbfz #PS4sharehttps://t.co/cGgksVwwgQ pic.twitter.com/Z8Jm1IUi8B — Yohosie (@yohosiefgc) February 14, 2018 OK so, a bit more details:j.L into any button will work. j.L j.H. or j.L j.M. as long as it's a normal. Some characters will be so close that j.M will hit after reflect […]

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“Proximity Guard Option Selects [Universal Mechanic]” by @yohosiefgc

Backdash DR plus prox guard OS. Universal. Explanation in thread #DBFZ #PS4share pic.twitter.com/CDY8NDWL6E — Yohosie (@yohosiefgc) February 14, 2018  During Backdash, you aren’t throw immune. It’s command-grab immune but not [Dragon Rush] immune. [Dragon Rush] also causes proximity guard status for some reason. By [inputting] a button while backdash, you’ll tech throws without committing. M+H […]