“Basic Solo Offensive Primer for Android 16” by @EXWildWolf

Knowing your options on offense without resources are important. It’s important to note that you will not have an assist with you all the time as you use it throughout the match, which is why it’s important to be resourceful and figure things out solo

That being said, it’s important to know which routes he gets hard knockdown off of.

Here are some routes that work universally.

Anything into that gatlings into 5M, 2M>236L

These routes are low damage and very limited as far as doing extra juggles, but give hard knockdown and work anywhere. allowing for setups into 236S, IAD Crossup J.M, or something with assists. A definite bnb if you want to use save your assists for something else.

There’s also this route in the corner for more damage and still gaining hard knockdown.

16’s Solo mix-ups are still very strong on their own. Here are some sequences you should learn after 236L
*Opponent Knocked Down* IAD J.M as soon as you are out of recovery, allowing for a quick cross-up.
*Opponent Knocked Down* IAD empty 2L, or 2M. Is good in conjunction with the IAD J.M to create a high low mix-up.
*Opponent Knocked Down* IAD J.M, IAD J.M. A left to right for opponents expecting an empty low or are not paying attention.

236S and 214S are great tools after 236L HKD. They provide frame advantage on block and grant combos on hit in most cases. They are less safe to reversals, but are great otherwise against characters without. Gives high damage if they decide to mash out of frametraps. 214S is slower to come out and shorter but is +4. 236 is faster and has longer range but is only 0 on block, allowing for slight advantage on meatied hits if blocked compared to 214S. They still lead to great reward however and mixing up between the two into different tick throw set-ups or frametraps will gain you damage or a hard knockdown. These set-ups also help to fill in time so an assist can still fill up.

That’s the basic gameplan for running down 16’s offense solo. I highly recommend practicing these in order to improve upon a solo 16.