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Fuzzy Tag Explained

Made a short video. GO1 used fuzzy hard tag OS a lot against Sonicfox last night. Hold assist while in blockstun, then fuzzy jump when you think there are pressure gaps. If there's enough of one you jump and near instantly tag out. Only punish is hitting jump start-up/raw 2H read pic.twitter.com/h2Tof8nkS2 — Eshi 🏳️‍🌈 […]

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Trunks Basic Neutral Information

Discussing staying safe on block and general neutral information for Trunks.

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Vegeta (SS) Character Basics

In this episode of The Basics Of, we take a look at the prince of all saiyans. He may not have the best tools by himself but he is a fantastic team member.

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5K damage Teen Gohan Corner Combo

2M5M-JMLL-(little delay)-JLL-5SSSS236M 5LL236M-assist-JLL-JLL-5SSSS236L You can replace 236L with a vanish attack + the lvl1.

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Defensive Answers Against Pressure

Pressure is insane to deal with in DBFZ especially in the corner. If you want to win more matches, you should definitely up your defense! Here are some tips that may enlighten you during those situations where you can’t figure out when to hit a button.